Homeschool HUEniversity Virtual Campus

"Deeper Learning vs. Higher Learning" -
Queen Taese

Deeper Learning vs. Higher Learning

The Homeschool HUEniversity Virtual Campus is strategically designed to cultivate deep learning through an Afrikan lens. Our mission is to foster a “Creator Mindset”, where our children have the confidence and competence to create a “Black Excellence” reality, where they are producers over consumers, spiritually grounded vs. the colonized confusion, and deeply dedicated to the preservation of our culture and community vs. the mainstream watered down depiction of who we are as a people. This brings full validation to the quote, “The only way to predict the future is to create it.”

Homeschool HUEniversity is doing just that by designing experiences that promote purpose, critical thinking and an obedience to one’s very own divine purpose. We know the power of purposeful, exciting, and stimulating educational engagement in the development of the mind, body, and spirit of our children. When steeped in an environment of family and community that loves, supports and celebrates them, our children feel encouraged and inspired to let the world see their greatness.

Our Model

At Homeschool Hueniversity, we educate the whole family, in addition to the whole child because traditionally, family has always been one of the core ingredients in the success of our children. Transmission of culture has always been intergenerational. The question becomes what culture are we passing forward?

We have developed an Afrikan-centered educational model that allows for more families to participate in this process of learning, while at the same time making it more affordable by offering a low monthly family price with unlimited courses and resources. Homeschool HUEniversity brings peace to the process of crafting your child’s educational plans by offering both core and complementary courses, resources, training, advice, and a like-minded social environment.

Something for everyone

In turn, Black homeschoolers, as well as those in public and private school, can take advantage of the courses, educational resources and support that we offer, whether it be your child’s primary curriculum, enrichment, extra help or supplementary assistance to the education your children are already receiving.

Textbooks are clearly not enough when we speak about TRUE education. We focus on deeper learning verses higher learning, first starting with the love of self and knowing one’s self.

Multidimensional Learning

At Homeschool HUEniversity, our children and parents have the opportunity to study on a comprehensive level by incorporating opportunities to have interactive discussions, hands on projects, conduct research and interviews, as well as the complementarity of all Homeschool Hueniversity courses. Education is a spiritual process. Our Life Is Our Curriculum! The Universe Is Our Classroom! Our Culture Is Our Cure! Homeschool HUEniversity, what are you waiting for?!