Frequently Asked Questions


Registering for membership is simple! In order to start your membership, visit our ENROLL NOW page by clicking the tab on the menu. Fill out the enrollment form, choose your courses, submit payment and we will jumpstart your approval.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. No refunds are available for the month of your monthly payment cycle once it has begun. Annual memberships cannot be canceled; However, they can be transferred to another family per administrative approval.
Yes, there is a $25 dollar registration fee for each person taking classes at the beginning of each semester.

Registration is on-going year round. You can join at any time. However, be mindful that some classes may have reached capacity.

Both of our plans are Blacknificent! The first plan is our Premium Celestial PLAN which is $297/month per family (children, parents, and grandparents). It happens to be our most popular plan because it grants you unlimited access to all of our LIVE courses!  
In addition, our ROYAL PLAN, which is $197/month per family opens up the door for you to choose any 2  live courses of your choice. For example, one person can take 2 courses or two people can take 1 course each per semester. 
Both plans include all of our additional phenomenal features such as our educational video gallery of over 120 videos, our iReadify children’s audio and ebook gallery with over 600 selections by Black authors plus downloadable curricula for many of our books for ages 12 and under. 
We do not offer access to the archives of our classes at this time.
Yes, you can save astronomically if you pay in advance for the year in full. For our Celestial Plan, you save approximately $700 to $1000  per family. And for our Royal Plan, you can save $400-$800 per family.

NO! You have the option to pay monthly. However, we recommend the annual membership which will save you up to $200-$300.

Yes, our course offerings can be previewed on our current course page under our offerings.

Semester 1: Sep – Dec
Semester 2: Jan- March
Semester 3: April-June
Semester 4: Summer Session

Excluding Holidays, Spring, Summer, & Fall Breaks.

Our Scholar Educators are hand picked based on their love and commitment to black children first; their integrity, supreme knowledge and ability to live what they teach. They range from Professional Educators (Public & Private Sectors), College/University Professors, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Keynote Speakers, Curators, Community Scholars/Activists, and/or Parents with valuable expertise complementary to the Homeschool HUEniversity mission.

Homeschool HUEniversity is accredited by our parent company, The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Institute (LMBHEI).  LMBHEI is a private educational organization that has developed evaluation criteria to conduct assessments to determine whether or not those criteria are met by the educational establishment under review.  Institutions and/or programs that request an accreditor’s evaluation, and that meet an accreditor’s criteria are then “accredited” by the LMBHEI.  LMBHEI uses a unique Afrikan-centered accreditation model that audits and assesses the quality of schools/institutions, homeschools, programs, curricula, children’s literature, educational toys, etc. Liberated Minds is completely independent and is not in any way affiliated with any state or governmental accreditation agencies.

No. Memberships are designed for children living in the same house plus parents and grandparents.

NO! However you are not locked into a contract. You can start your Membership, register for classes to see if the experience fits your needs. If not, you can cancel your membership for the following month. No refunds.

You can start and stop your membership at any time, kind of like a gym membership. You must inform the Homeschool Hueniversity admin if you wish to pause or stop your enrollment, otherwise, you will continue to be billed monthly. If you know you will not be active for a few months, it is best to cancel your membership and start it again when you are ready. You will need to pay a new registration fee of $25 for each person taking classes in your family plus any previous balances upon reinstatement of your membership.

YES! Occasionally we have scholarship opportunities that are provided by various sponsors.

YES! This is a virtual campus. However, we occasionally have in-person meet ups in various cities.

YES! We utilize Zoom for All classes.

Our Homeschool HUEniversity specialty is live interactive and engaging courses. Classes are live daily. However, we sometimes offer a select few pre-recorded classes as well. You will also have access to our exclusive central video library from some of our previous expos and events for you to use as a parent resource guide, in addition to our children’s video library.
Our previous courses are not available at this time.
The average class size is 15-25 students depending on the class. Sometimes we opt to split a class in half and create another time slot if the educator is available.

YES! It depends on the amount of course offerings.

YES! We support all educational situations including Public, Charter, Private, Full-time, Part-time, etc.

Some classes have requirements for supplies. Scholars will be notified by the Educator of those specific classes.

We offer classes for all grades and ages, infants to high school, as well as adult classes. We support the ENTIRE FAMILY!

We often do offer language courses. However, it depends on the semester. Please be sure to check our course offerings to see what is available.

Each semester varies based on subjects offered.

You pick & choose what classes you feel are appropriate for your homeschooling journey or supplementation for public/private school.

We do keep track of attendance. We do not furnish grades; however, most classes do give feedback in the form of a rubric or project based assessment. As parents, you may translate the assessments into grades if needed or as a personal preference.

As a homeschool parent, you are the only one who can provide and/or authenticate documents regarding your completed requirements and/or any additional information regarding your child’s education based upon state law. At Homeschool HUEniversity, we provide in-house services through our partnership with Your Homeschool Vital Records Company which provides high-quality transcripts and diplomas upon your request for those who need to have their information professionally and properly laid out. They also offer consultations for those needing assistance in organizing their information for college, record-keeping, scholarship applications, etc.  If you are interested, please email or text/call 470-629-0383 or register on our Homeschool HUEniversity Virtual Campus.
Absolutely! Homeschool HUEniversity offers a multitude of in-house testing options to bring clarity and peace in knowing exactly where your child is in terms of your personal goals as a parent and/or state standards. Through our in-house testing options, we offer various diagnostic and norm reference assessments, as well as reading evaluations which often include developing educational strategies for success!  For more information, please email or register on on our Homeschool HUEniversity Virtual Campus.

Homeschool HUEniversity offers opportunities such as clubs, special enrichment activities, hangouts, and occasional meet-ups, where children can socialize in a positive manner.

We have customized plans for homeschool groups, co-ops, private schools, etc. These collaborations provide a greater opportunity for other educational entities to enrich their curriculum offerings while magnifying their experiences.

You can search the internet for “Homeschool Letter of Intent” or “Homeschool Registration”. Be sure that it is the Official (Government) State website where you reside to ensure you are following the correct guidelines for your state.

Go to the Official (Government) State website where you reside to ensure you are following the correct guidelines for your state. You can find additional Homeschool information by visiting and search for your state.

We encourage all developmental stages to join us; however, we do not offer any specialized services. Therefore, we leave it up to the parent’s discretion as to what they feel would most benefit their child. Please feel free to reach out to us directly (if needed) for a more personalized response, so we can better assist you in assessing if this program is complementary to your childs needs.

We are not a religious-based program. There are children from many spiritual backgrounds on our Homeschool HUEniversity Campus. 


Please visit Contact/Join Us – Liberated Minds to learn more about teaching opportunities.