Black Reading Lists

Watoto Reading List

A is For Africa- Ifeoma Onyefulu

Meltrek:Exploring Ancient Africa Storybook-Isaiah Lewis

Light As A Feather: 42 Laws of Maat for Children- Kajara Nebthet

I Am Mind, Body & Spirit- Kajara Nebthet

I Get Energy From the Sun- Kajara Nebthet

My First Trip To Africa- Atlantis T. Browder

Africa On My Mind: Reflection Of My 2nd Trip- Atlantis T. Browder

Reflections of My First Trip To Africa- Atlantis T. Browder

Moja Means One: Swahili Counting Book Muriel Feelings

Jambo Means Hello-Muriel Feelings

Kefentse’s Private Parts- Angela Freeman

Colors Of Africa – Angela Freeman

Abibifahodie! Vol. 1 Meekamui – Angela Freeman

The Conscious Book of ABC’s: A Book to Free Young Minds – Angela Freeman

Lessons for the Asafo: Wisdom for Warriors In Training – Angela Freeman

Sankofa Superherus 1&2 – Angela Freeman

A Warrior’s Lunch – Angela Freeman

Bomani’s Stand – Angela Freeman

The Rise & Fall of Hat Hop Music – Angela Freeman

Solitude’s Revenge – Angela Freeman

Nilajah’s Doll – Angela Freeman

Nilajah’s Sweet Treats – Angela Freeman

Omawale and the Butterfly – Angela Freeman

Lessons for the Watoto Book 1 & 2 – Angela Freeman

Montsho’s Magical Night: An Afrikan AkomaTale- Angela Freeman (8-10)

Insurrection! -Angela Freeman

Meet Danitra Brown- Nikki Grimes

The Adevntures of Junior & Rumble: The Oil Monster- Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson

Have You Thanked An Inventor Today?-Patrice McLaurin

Flossie & the Fox-Patricia C. McKissack

Off to the Shores of Africa & Other Talking Drum Rhymes- Uzo Unobagha

Schomburg; The Man Who Built A Library-Carol Weatherford

BigMama’s-Donald Crews

Makeda: The Queen of Sheba – Marlon McKenny

The Genius of Egypt – Marlon McKenny

The Fearless Five Books 1-5- Siphriah Davidson

How I Met Lewis Howard Latimer – Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson

Andrew & the Time Machine Closet: The Warrior Queen – Toni Settles

The Black Snowman – Phil Mendez

Afro-Bets First Book About Africa – Veronica Freeman Ellis

Big Boy – Tololwa M. Mollel

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin-Cheryl Hudson & Bernette Ford

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind-William Kamkwamba

Nana’s Kitchen-Darwin McBeth Walton

The Car Washing Street- Denise L. Patrick

Princess Nana Afia: The Majestic African Hair Show- Dora Owusa

Dancing In the Wings-Debbie Allen

Brothers in the Knight -Debbie Allen

More Than A Princess- Delanda Coleman

A Treasure Within- Chike Akua

X: A Novel- Ilyasah Shabazz

What Color Is My World?- Abdul-Jabbar

Windmakers: The History of Atala-Roye Okupe

A Black Panther Novel:Shuri- Nic Stone

A Black Panther Novel: Shuri: The Vanished -Nic Stone

The Dark Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural- Patricia C. McKissack

Children of Blood & Bone 1&2- Tomi Adeyemi

The Greatest:Muhammad Ali- Walter Dean Myers

Wings-Christopher Myers

Firebird -Christopher Myers

Bud Not Buddy- Christopher Paul Curtis

Danny Dollar: The Lemonade Escapade- Ty Allan Jackson

The Supadupa Kid -Ty Allan Jackson

The Watsons Go To Birmingham:1963- Christopher Paul Curtis

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry-Mildred D. Taylor

The Gold Cadillac-Mildred D. Taylor

Donavan’s Word Jar- Monalisa DeGross

Justin & the Best Biscuits in the World-Mildred Pitts Walter

Ziggy & the Black Dinosaurs Series- Sharon Draper

Five Brave Explorers- Wade Hudson

Secrets of the Afro Comb: 6,000 Years of Art & Culture-K.N. Chimbiri

Dreams of My Ancestors-L.E. Chavous

I Am Like A Flower -L.E. Chavous

Mommy, I Want to Dance- Tasha Fuller

African-American Inventions That Changed The World-Michael A. Carson

Malika: Warrior Queen- Roye Okupe

Kids 2 Kings Series- Manuel Godoy

Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny #1-4- Williams, Burnham, Schultz

The Book Itch: Freedom, Truth & Harlem’s Greatest Bookstore- Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Little Leaders: Bold Women In Black History- Vashti Harrison

Little Leaders: Bold Men In Black History – Vashti Harrison

Mansa Musa- Khephra Burns

Little Black Boy- Vetta Shantell

Little Black Girl – Vetta Shantell

Adult Reading List

The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child-Amos N. Wilson

Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children- Amos N. Wilson

Blueprint for Black Power- Amos N. Wilson

The Psychology of Self-hatred & Self-defeat:Towards a Reclamation of the Afrikan Mind- Amos N. Wilson

The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History, Psychiatry, & the Politics of White Supremacy…and other books by Amos Wilson

Christopher Columbus & the Afrikan Holocaust -John Henrik Clarke

African People In World History- John Henrik Clarke

Africans at the Crossroads- John Henrik Clarke

My Life in Search of Africa- John Henrik Clarke

Who Betrayed the African World Revolution?-…and other books by John Henrik Clarke

Black Man of the Nile & His Family: African Foundations of European Civilization & Thought-Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Africa: Mother of “Western Civilization”- Yosef Ben-Jochannan

African Origins of the Major “Western Religions”- Yosef Ben-Jochannan

We the Black Jews- Yosef Ben-Jochannan

The Black Man’s Religion” The Myth of Genesis & Exodus and the Exclusion of the African Origins-…and other books by Yosef Ben-Jochannan

The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality-Cheikh Anta Diop and other books by the author

Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey-Marcus Garvey

The Tragedy of White Injustice-Marcus Garvey

Message to the People: The Course of African Philosophy-Marcus Garvey

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations)-Ivan Van Sertima

Blacks In Science-Ivan Van Sertima

African Presence in Early Asia-Ivan Van Sertima and other books by the author

African Presence in Early Europe-Ivan Van Sertima and other books by the author

SBA the ReAwakening of the African Mind-Asa Grant Hilliard III

The Maroon Within Us: Selected Essays on African American Community Socialization-Asa Grant Hilliard III

African Power: Affirming African Indigenous Socialization in the Face of the Culture Wars…and other books by Asa G. Hilliard III

The Black Image In Antiquity: Beautiful, Royal & Divine-Runoko Rashidi

Uncovering the African Past: The Ivan Van Sertima Papers-Runoko Rashidi and other books by the author

Message to the Warriors-Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

IWA: A Warrior’s Character- Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

To Educate A People: Thoughts from the Center-Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

Common Sense Security- Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males-Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

Nyansasem: A Calendar of Revolutionary Daily Thoughts Vol. 1&2- Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti and other books by the author can be purchased at

African Manhood in the 21st Century-Imhotep Asis Fatu

The Autobiography of Malcolm X-Malcolm X & Alex Haley

Developing Positive Self-Images & Discipline In Black Children-Jawanza Kunjufu

Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys Series-Jawanza Kunjufu and other books by the author

“Ordinary” Children, Extraordinary Teachers-Marva Collins

The Secret & the Myth of Melanin: Dispelling the Rumors, Exposing the Facts- Dr. T. Owens Moore

Seventh Child: A Family Memoir of Malcolm X

Hands Off! How to Protect Our Children From Predators-Angela Freeman

God’s Gift: How To Be A Good Black Woman to A Strong Black Man-Angela Freeman

Conscious Entertaining: The Return of the Domestic Goddess-Angela Freeman

Ofo Ase: 365 Daily Affirmations to Awaken the Afrikan Warrior Within-Balogun Ojetade

Kori O: Protecting African Children from Violence & Sexual Abuse- Balogun Ojetade

The Afrikan Warrior’s Bible: Afrikan Martial Arts Book Series-Balogun Ojetade

Warrior Class: Black Power Prepping Book Series- Balogun Ojetade & other books by the author can be purchased at

Disaster Preparedness for Home & Family-Dexter J. Peggins

Speaking With Spirit- Kajara Nebthet

Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Levels 1&2- Kajara Nebthet

Sekhmet Rising- Kajara Nebthet

Revitalize Your Chakras: A Healing Workbook-Kajara Nebthet and other books by the author can be purchased at

The Complete Textbook of Holistic Self Diagnosis- Laila O. Afrika

Afrikan Holistic Health-Laila O. Afrika

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black-Laila O. Afrika

Controlling, Understanding and Raising Black Children: Infants to Teenagers- Laila O. Afrika

Dictionary of Vitamins & Minerals from A to Z- Laila O. Afrika and other books by the author

Kemetic Diet: Food for Body, Mind and Spirit- Muata Ashby

The Kemetic Tree of Life: Ancient Egyptian Metaphisics & Cosmology for Higher Consciousness- Muata Ashby

The African Origins of Civilization, Religion, Yoga Mysticism & Ethics Philosophy Vol. 1-3- Muata Ashby

Egyptian Yoga Book Series- Muata Ashby and other books by the author

Standing at the Scratchline-Guy Johnson

Spook Who Sat By the Door-Sam Greenlee

Nationbuilding: Theory & Practice in Afrikan Centered Education-Kramer Agyei Akoto

Makeda-Randall Robinson

Treasure Within-Chike Akua

The Genocide Files-N. Xavier Arnold

Sankofa Movement-Akoto

African Cosmology-Fukiau

Counseling Persons of African Descent-Thomas Parham

MDW NTR-Jacub Curruthers

Of Water and Spirit-Malidoma Some

Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe

Powernomics-Claud Anderson

Our Black Year-Maggie Anderson

Black Economics-Jawanza Kunjufu

Getting Black People to Sell-George Trower Subira

Drugs masquerading as Food-Suzar

Man Heal Thy Self-Queen Afua

Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind & Spirit-Queen Akua

Heal Thyself for Health & Longevity-Queen Akua

Rebirth of the Gods-Paul Goss

Forever Young-Paul Goss

The Healers-Ayi Kwei Armah

Introduction to African Religion-John Mbiti

West African Traditional Religion-Kofi Asare Opoku

Ancestors: Hidden Hands, Healing Spirits for Your Use and Empowerment-Ra Ifagbemi Babalawo

African American Families: Why We Homeschool (A Collection of African American Homeschoolong Stories- Dr. Sheva Quinn, Queen Taese and a host of other authors

Homeschool Gone Wild: Inspired Learning Through Living- Karla Marie Williams

Thirteen Valuable Lessons: Two Parents Successfully Taught Their Ten Homeschooled Children-Samori Sobukwe-SoDaye’

Education for Transformation: The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students-Chile Akua

Freedom Challenge: African American Homeschoolers-Grace Llewellyn

The AfroCentri School-Nah Dove

Cultivating Warriors: An Afrikan-Centered Curriculum from Kamali Academy-Samari Camara

Home Is Where The Birth Is-Taoiseach Xavier

Assata-Assata Shakur

The Maroon Within Us by Asa Hilliard

Last Black Man Standing by Kamau Kambon

Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change-Molefi Kete Asante

The Egyptian Philosophers: Ancient African Voices from Imhotep to Akhenaten- Molefi Kete Asante and other books by the author

The Mis-education of the Negro-Carter G. Woodson

Too Much Schooling Too Little Education-Mwalimu Shujaa

State of Emergency-Jawanza Kunjufu

Holistic Parenting from a Pan-African Perspective-Iya Raet

Rearing African Children Under Enemy Occupation-Kwame Vanderhorst

Black Parenting Handbook-Baruti Kafele

Asafo-Mwalimu Baruti

Warrior Method-Ray Winbush

Black Skin White Mask-Frantz Fanon

Medical Apartheid-Harriet Washington

African Psychology-Wade Nobles

Psychotechnology of Brainwashing-Kwabena Ashanti

Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery-Naim Akbar

Psychopathic Racial Personality-Bobby E. Wright

Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma- Sultan A. Latif & Naimah Latif

The African Unconscious-Edward Bruce Bynum

Ancient Future-Wayne Chandler

Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks-Donald Bogle

TV’s Talking but You Don’t Have to Listen-Sanyika Anwise

Brainwashed-Tom Burrell

Culture Bandits 1-3-Del Jones

The Black Holocaust-Del Jones

Revolutionary Suicide-Huey P. Newton

To Die For the People-Huey P. Newton

Soledad Bother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson-George Jackson

Blood In My Eye-George I. Jackson

The Art of Leadership-Oba T’Shaka

Kindezi: The Kongo Art of Babysitting-A.M. Lukondo-Wamba and Kimbwandende Fu-kiau

Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder-Joy Degruy

Isis Papers-Frances Cress Welsing

The United Independent Compensatory Code/ System/ Concept-Neely Fuller

The Way of the Elders-Adama and Naomi Doumbia

Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought & Behavior -Marimba Ani

To Be Afrikan-Marimba Ani

Mbongi: An African Traditional Political Institution- K. Kia Fu-kiau

Welcoming Spirit Home-Sobonfu Some

The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of Race From 4500 BC to 2000 AD-Chancellor Williams

Complimentarity-Mwalimu Baruti

How to Love a Black Woman-Ronn Elmore

How to Love a Black Man-Ron Elmore

We Want for Our Sisters What We Want For Ourselves: African American Women Who Practice Polygyny By Consent-Patricia Dixon-Spear

The Polygamist Papers: An Introduction to Polygamous Culture & Its Principles, Pitfalls & Ethics-Hondo Solomon

Money Issues in Black Male Female Relationships-George Sabira

The Spirit of Intimacy-Sobonfu Some

The Hidden Power: How to Manifest Your Dreams-Naazir

2000 Seasons-Ayi Kwei Armah

There is a River-Vincent Harding

Cultural Unity-Chiekh Anta Diop

Historical Origins of Christianity-Walter Williams

Historical Origins of Islam-Walter Williams

Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization-Anthony Browder

From the Browder Files- Anthony Browder

African Builders of Civilization-Ashra and Merira Kwesi

Notes for An African World Revolution-John Henrik Clarke

Who Betrayed the AFRICAN World Revolution-John Henrik Clarke

When We Ruled- Robin Walker

African American Families: Issues Insights and Directions-Wade W. Nobles

Afrikan Mothers-Nah Dove

Look For Me In the Worldwind: From the Panther 21 to 21st Century Revolutions-host of authors

Jambalaya-Luisah Teish