Akwaaba! Welcome!

We are excited that you have chosen to join Homeschool HUEniversity Virtual Campus, a community based membership powered by The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Institute.  Asante Sana (Thanks) for taking the leap into Liberation and becoming a part of the world’s largest global community of Black families who are shaping a future of Liberation & Sovereignty through the power of homeschooling.  In addition, we also want to acknowledge the parents who did not choose homeschooling, yet they are still committed to crafting an intentional educational pathway that fosters deeper learning, which leads to the preservation of our Afrikan collective consciousness, power, and greatness!

Homeschool HUEniversity assists Black parents in using the AMAZING power of homeschooling to guide their children to a life a life the they envision, where they are spiritually connected, academically excellent, confident, enthusiastic, socially conscious and driven in their life’s passion and purpose while carrying them on a road of abundance, impeccable health, Black ownership and financial wealth, and an unshakable self-identity that is rooted in the greatness and legacy of Black excellence and culture.


Just A Few Steps Away!

You are just a few steps away from unlocking some of the most powerful courses, curricula, books, resources, video archives, relationships, and unimaginable opportunities of your families life. I promise you! There is nothing like Homeschool HUEniversity anywhere in the world!

We understand that getting your family registered for classes can be time consuming and stressful. And, we know most of you are extremely busy making great things happen in the world! However, please take the time to thoroughly read and fill out all necessary forms required, so you will not have to revisit the registration process to add additional information, which may delay your enrollment. We are excited about our new school management system! We are certain that taking the necessary time on the front end will assist in making your life on the Homeschool HUEniversity campus a smooth and seamless experience for all. Let’s get started!

Step #1 Course Selections & Schedule
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*Please be mindful that some classes may reach capacity. If this should occur, you will be placed on a waiting list3

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